Phone and keyboardAbout Us

The Arkansas Users of Telecommunications and Information Systems promotes the advancement of professional and technical knowledge in telecommunications and information systems management technologies. The organization is recognized as the only regional organization of its kind in Arkansas.


In June 1983, a meeting of forty-one individuals formed the present association, AUTIS - Association for Users of Telecommunications and Information Systems. AUTIS has been founded as a voluntary nonprofit organization, exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

Today, AUTIS pursues the advancement of education by providing a forum for members and non-members who are interested in the rapidly changing fields of telecommunications and information systems. The forum provides the basis for the exchange of ideas, personal experiences and similar pertinent information. AUTIS also supplies to educational institutions, charitable organizations, and other organizations, speakers who are knowledgeable in telecommunications and information systems. By request, free communications and information systems consultation will be provided to organizations that qualify.

Our Mission:

Create and sustain a membership based organization that advances the development of IT in Arkansas.

Our Vision:

Recognized leadership that provides the catalyst for development/advancement of IT in Arkansas.

The Goals of AUTIS:

1. Establish and maintain professional standards in the fields of telecommunications and information systems and among the members of the association.

2. Encourage and cause rapid, timely information exchange among the members of the association.

3. Establish and support both academic and technical training programs for the benefit of the members of the association and general public.

4. Offer a forum for the presentation of viewpoints regarding tariffs, rules, and rates for telecommunications, and standards, integration of architectures, and common interfaces for information systems.

5. Support technological research germane to telecommunications and information systems.